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Pick ups

We pick you up from your hotel and take you to the globódromo (optional) if wished.

The flights are both in the morning and in the afternoon, although the quality of the flights in the morning and security are better, cheaper and longer, which is why we recommend them the most. Request us about all possibilities in This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After the flight you can get a breakfast with drinks (All Optional).

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Private Balloon Airport

Visit us at the ballooning center! a site easily locatable next to the highway MA.15 (Palma-Manacor) exit 44.

There is a room with the possibility of showing a video or just a business talk. Outside there is a porch and a barbecue, drinks and breakfast can be included (Optional)!

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Team building

Team building, that's MALLORCA BALLOONS , making everyone joyfully and voluntarily collaborate in the assembly and disassembly of balloons.

Our pilots who speak among all about 9 languages ​​and are currently the 25th in the world ranking, will explain everything, as if it were teaching about ballooning. 

In case that you don,t want to do the experience as Team Building, you can take also the option "wath & go", just to become a passanger, who just after the landing goes to his next destination. We warn that this options is more expensive.

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Total Exclusivity

With all the extras you want, hostesses, pick-up with helicopters, limousines, or combined with other marine or terrestrial excursions.

We have a small meeting room, for a maximum of 30 people with a video if they want to promote or sell their products.

The balloons can fit a total of 130 people on short flights and 65 on long flights as our fleet is located at Majorca, and even more bringing pilots and Balloons from the Mean Country.

If you wish you can buy as many drinks as you want and an extraordinary buffett breakfast included! (All Optinal)
as well as a video (Optional) of the personalized day for each participant if they wish.

Mallorca Balloons is authorized by the Ministry of Tourism of the Balearic Islands as an active tourism company (TA16) and a tourist mediator (MT142)
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